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This is the next episode in my dealings with The Belgian Mafia in my village in Bulgaria. I found out they managed to block one of my websites where I had published an article about their behavior. Unfortunately they should have known by now that I am not the average person, the ones before me they used to deal with by bullying and threatening them until they cowered and backed off (some Belgians with a property here dare not even to visit their house during holidays).

What I tried to reach was a peaceful and elegant solution to the problem we are dealing with in our village: them packing their stuff and leaving Bulgaria without a fuss. But apparently these people do not want things to finish, even if they know they are breaking laws and harming others, because the gold mine seems far from exhausted.

So yesterday I sent mails to all email addresses I could find of Belgian authorities which deal with the administration and laws they are breaking. Pension services, health insurance administration, social services, the special investigation unit of the tax administration, etc.. About twelve mails were sent, accompanied with a file of what I know of their secret schemes. The rest is up to them to discover. I already got two answers this morning stating that the case is under enquiry, and just now I received another mail from another agency that they opened the case.

What triggered me into the decision of filing complaints was a rather disturbing phone call I received yesterday afternoon. An unknown number called me and a man started to threaten me in a mix of English and Bulgarian. My Bulgarian is far from perfect – since a few weeks I follow lessons twice a week – so I did not understand quite well what he said. But I clearly got the drift.

I will not tolerate to be threatened by anyone, especially not if this is done because I am a troublesome witness to illegal and highly immoral money-making schemes. The only way I know is forward, and I will retaliate with everything that is in my power. Yesterday I informed the Belgian authorities, next time I will go to the Bulgarian authorities because all this is happening right under their nose, and many Bulgarian laws were broken. I decided to emigrate to this country to find peace and nature, and a criminal Belgian couple which is not residing permanently here (though they are – against laws – official residents  of both Belgium and Bulgaria) but considers this to be their private gold mine, will not succeed in scaring me off.

Meanwhile life goes on, I enjoy the sun that is shining trough my windows, my dogs who are playing in the garden, and the birds who start to rehearse on their love songs. I even took out my motorbike for a small trip.

Love, Yann ❤️