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Hard to ignore them, those silicone breasts bouncing all around us. Well, bouncing is exaggerated, one of the attributes of fake boobs is they don’t behave in a normal way, so bouncing is more a distinctive feature of natural breasts. Since the first plastic boobs revealed themselves to the general public, I developed a little aversion to them. To explain why? is a bit more difficult as I’m not quite sure myself.

Maybe it is hard for me to understand as I do like breasts in whatever size and shape they come. I am not a ‘breast-man’, focused on titties, but rather a disgusting ‘ass-man’ 😜, so I cannot join the legion of men salivating for some bared breasts. Don’t take me wrong, I really do like them, they are soft and sexy, they are attractive, they do make a woman a woman, but I never got where all the fuss about them came from.

The question I always ask myself when I see some fakies parading, is why did the owner like to have put some plastic inside her body? It is not that I condemn women who did it, it is just a question out of incomprehension. I can fully accept that a woman with a completely flat chest, or a lady put up with small saggy tea-bags after having nurtured children, wants to highlight her feminine side, or even to feel feminine again, by having a boobjob done. And I do understand that transgenders becoming woman want to be feminine and undergo an operation to get breasts.

But what about all those women who did have fine breasts, perfectly shaped, but probably a bit too small to their taste? Wasn’t this rather a problem with self-acceptance and self-confidence that made them decide the ‘enhancement’? And if it was, I wonder if they found that self-confidence back after their boobs grew? And often I have this question in my mind if they really like the attention they are attracting by having an exaggerated balcony under their chin? I guess that now some men swarm around them, but is the knowledge of the carriers of those silicone jugs that it is just for the boobs and not really for the brain not degrading for their self-esteem?

I don’t know, that is why I ask all those questions without really having an unambiguous answer for them. I might be getting old, or too conservative for these ‘gadgets’. I just never really understood why, if nature gave us something (and some even believe their God created us), why should we change that except for medical reasons, or unless somethings is very wrong with them? Or if the woman suffers unbearable mental pain due to the size or shape of her breasts, I can accept that argument too. Why change it, if Nature or God gave it to you? The same goes for the circumcision of foreskin, or even more terrifyingly: of the clitoris, and in the same line of thought I am always surprised that people are ashamed of their nude body.

resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-fake-boobs-fake-tan-fake-hair-please-tell-me-how-you-want-a-real-man-70abacIs it not a shortcoming of our society that many people have a hard time to accept the way they are shaped? That exterior appearance has a more prominent place than personality and radiance in our civilization? Are women who think they need an artificial modification not more helped by changing their way of thinking rather than performing an expensive operation? To be honest, and this is my personal view, there are not many beautiful fake boobs in the world. When covered by textile they look okay, but when uncovered they almost all look like some horrible accident happened to the owner some time in the past. Not all, but most… And then I am not even talking of the feel of those enhancements. They feel, well… like plastic. The skin too tight, the nipples pointing in an awkward direction without moving as normal breasts do, and sometimes the nipples are even squinting, especially some years after the boobjob has been done.

I had a rather strange experience with an ex-girlfriend. Or rather: she had a confronting revelation one night going out in San Francisco. She was my only girlfriend ever having silicone breasts, done way before we met. Being an airline pilot I flew a lot into this city, and it definitely was a favorite destination of mine, so we visited this splendid town while on holiday. She wanted to see all the bars I hanged out at when having a night-stop over there, and we got a little bit tipsy after a few cocktails. On the way back to the hotel we walked past some striptease bar and she dragged me in. The ‘you can look but you cannot touch’-rule never excited me much, but she wanted to see this. There were several girls performing on stage, each in turn, some of them with ‘naturals’, some of them with fakies, but suddenly, while this one girl with a fine body and small perky tits was dancing on stage, my girlfriend hid her eyes and started to cry. I had no idea what was going on and gently took her out in the street, holding her and comforting her. Walking back to the hotel the story slowly unfolded. She saw that girl dancing on stage with a body that looked so much as her own. Her attitude was incredibly sensual and she had so much radiance that my girlfriend broke down in tears. For my partner had an operation done just because she thought that it would change her attitude and femininity, but when she got confronted with the dancer with her small natural breasts she realized that femininity and radiance comes from the inside, and not from plastic surgery. A rather shocking eye-opener for someone who spent thousands of euro’s without it having the desired effect.

contortionist – Erika ©yannbastiaans

So since I had this experience with my ex-girlfriend in SFO, I cannot help it to wonder and to ask myself the same questions every time I cross a woman who clearly had something done under her shirt. And of course then I’m anxious to know if it really did improve that woman’s life the way she imagined it. But I never dare to ask 😊

There is a famous (and really good) Belgian photographer named Frank De Mulder, he lives in the village next to where I used to live, and he talked – amongst other things – about fake breasts in some interview for a glossy magazine. He said that every time he met a woman who clearly had fake breasts, he never could suppress the urge to ask her if he could see and touch them. And – according to him – the great majority of challenged women replied affirmatively. What makes him conclude: “a woman is not going to invest thousands of euro’s in breast enhancement, just to shy them away from the publics’ eye. They want them to be seen, to be admired.” 😉

Love, yann ❤️