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Saddened, the Belgian government announced the news that 1,5 extra billions would have to be found to keep the budget in balance. At least, they want us to believe that they are hurt by this grave announcement, but they could never care less. The next elections are far away, voters are stupid and will have forgotten this by that time anyway, and it’s not them having to pay it. They have nice private lucrative careers promised to them whenever their political career is over, and their political mandate grants them a multiple of a normal human wage anyway. Plus bonuses, extra’s, tax exemptions, etcetera.

taxIf you take a step back and observe what is happening, you get a quite disturbing view on political and financial matters.

The Belgian treasury has a huge deficit, which grew bigger than 100% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in the past decade. Politicians were always quick to point out the culprits to their voters, and though those deemed guilty vary depending on which party is denouncing, a general direction of the pointed fingers can be discerned: it was not them who were responsible for it!

Anyway, there is a huge public debt. Public debt for which we are, for the biggest part, indebted to the banks. Every year the Nation – that is we, the taxpayers – has to pay interests on that accumulated debt for an amount of something more than 12 billion euro’s. Those interests need to be paid for the money we all borrowed from the big financial institutions to keep our State running. A big part of this debt was made in the past decade to… save those financial institutions from collapse…

109356_600So, in short: we pay 12,5 billion euro’s every year, just to repay the interests of the loans we made with banks, and a part of those loans were needed to save those same banks from going bankrupt. Sounds strange to me. Especially when you consider that all income-raises for the workers in Belgium have been ‘frozen’ by the government and extra taxes have been imposed on the citizens to fight the deficit. Why can’t banks not be told they will not receive any interests on the loans for the next year? It is they who were at the very basis of this crisis, and as many witnesses declare, nothing has effectively changed in banking mentality since the outbreak of the financial crisis and the general outcry about their speculations and bonus policies, inspite of the expensive statements all politicians, without exceptions, made about stopping the greed and gambling of financial institutions.

So let the instigators pay, not the people who already bend under the sheer weight of taxes in Belgium. 12,5 billion of euro’s should be enough to substantially alleviate the taxes for citizens and small businesses. And to bring our education back to standard. And to refund our crumbling health security. And to finally do something about the poor.

A question to be asked is how a Nation, that raises the highest taxes of all the world on its citizens, can develop such a huge deficit? Where is that money used for? Where does it go? If people are paying so much, how come that the benefits for the people from paying so much taxes are meagre if you compare it with Scandinavian countries, where taxes are slightly lower than ours? How come they have completely free education for all? How come they have free medical care? Not only for its citizens, the same goes for every visitor and stranger having medical problems when in Scandinavia. How come their streets are not competing with the Democratic Republic of Congo to see who has the most potholes, like ours do? How come divorced women with kids get special allocations from the State to go work part-time, so they can spend more time raising their family? In Belgium the majority of people joining the ranks of the poor are divorced parents having to raise their kids on their own.

What are politicians, whatever their self-declared ‘signature’, doing with your money? You get robbed of more than 65% of your income by various taxes…